Maple Park Cemetery has long been recognized for its beauty and tranquility within Springfield. As we begin our 145th year, the age of the cemetery is beginning to show. The trees, buildings, and historic fence require care, maintenance, and restoration. We believe that the cemetery is a great resource for the community. Please consider supporting our efforts to preserve and maintain the history and beauty of Maple Park. 

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Maple Park Historic Gazebo


The Maple Park Gazebo has been around for well over a hundred years. While we cannot put an exact date on when the gazebo was built, we believe it either here before the cemetery was established in 1876 or shortly after. It was erected as a bandstand to provide entertainment to the Springfield community.


As part of an early fairground, the Gazebo made for a popular gathering place for weekend and holiday picnics, musical performances, and public speeches.

The gazebo was designated a "Local Historic Site" by the Springfield Landmarks Board and City Council in August 1974. It has deep significance to our city and stands as evidence of memories of years past.

We have recently been looking into having it added to the National Register of Historic Places. Donations can be made to help with having the cemetery added to the National Register of Historic Places. Another possible way to assist in this process is to share any historical photos you have of the cemetery. 

"The life of the dead is placed in the memory of the living"

Marcus Tulliuis Cicaro



Maple Park Cemetery began as a not-for-profit Cemetery Association in 1876 and has been so for the entire 144-years of operation.

Donations made are tax-deductible as Maple Park Cemetery is a 501(c)(13). This is the special designation for not-for-profit cemeteries. All donations are tax-deductible.

We Need Your Help!
Many of you have deep roots in the Springfield community or loved ones buried in Maple Park. Your generous donation will help to preserve the beauty and tranquility of our cemetery. Please consider us when making donations. You may mail a check to made payable to Maple Park Cemetery or click the PayPal donation button near the top of the page. Thank you for your help and support!